RIGMAR is the Leading Independent Specialist of Operation and Maintenance services for Oil, Gas, LNG and Power Plants leveraging over 4 years of accumulated know-how of plant and equipment, the evidence of which is its long term partnerships with many IOCs and NOCs.

As the largest independent provider of specialized operation and maintenance services, RIGMAR is also the leader in Maintenance Engineering and Inspection.

Asset owners can substantially improve plant efficiency when proper Maintenance Engineering is conducted. Proper Maintenance Engineering results in Efficient and Effective Operation and Maintenance. The result is that it works both ways: it substantially contributes to the bottom line by sustainable cost reductions and higher plant availability but also reduces the impact on the environment. It is a known fact that associated gas flaring is often a result of unscheduled and scheduled shutdowns. RIGMAR’s advanced predictive maintenance technology facilitates optimised maintenance planning, which helps to reduce unplanned and planned shutdowns and thus contribute substantially in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

As the one of independent and specialized Operation and Maintenance provider, RIGMAR is also the leader in Maintenance Engineering and Inspection. Asset owners who are committed to protecting the environment employ RIGMAR for plant maintenance.

We believe good maintenance leads to a safer and cleaner environment. Predictive and preventive maintenance techniques are applied to facilitate proper maintenance planning. Too often bad or delayed maintenance has resulted in accidents and incidents, causing human suffering, environmental damage and destruction of capital. Effective and professional maintenance could have avoided many such disastrous and costly events. That is why responsible operators choose for RIGMAR. It is a fact that RIGMAR has one of the best safety records in the Industry and is totally committed to maintain its well-known best-of-industry performance.

RIGMAR  adds substantial profits to your bottom line. Higher plant availability leads to more production. Predictive maintenance technology and optimized planning result in fewer interventions, longer lifetime cycles and optimized spare part stocks. More and more operators and plant owners recognize that maintenance is not only simple repair. Maintenance is an engineering activity that requires the accumulated experience of the behavior of all generic parts and equipment, analysis of failures and state of the art techniques and methods that go beyond the knowledge of one particular installation. RIGMAR maintains hundreds of oil, gas and power production plants in many countries, and has built a huge empirical database of all parts and equipment, maintenance routines and failure analysis. Every day, 365 days per year, thousands of our highly trained engineers and technicians apply RIGMAR’s standards of maintenance and safety routines around the world. Their shared objective is to ensure the safe and optimized availability of production plant, and we believe that this is the best environmental insurance policy a plant owner can buy