Rigmar’s Quality Policy focuses on the continual enhancement of the quality of its services by implementing the high-level standards applicable to all Rigmar branches and projects.

The quality of all Rigmar projects is continuously improved, measured, evaluated and validated for effectiveness both internally and externally by the implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems.

Rigmar is, therefore, strongly committed to the following quality principles: 


  • Striving to provide only those services that meet the highest quality standards;
  • Striving to meet all national and international requirements and Quality Standards;
  • Ensuring sustainable quality performance through the implementation and certification of effective Quality Management Systems compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and Rigmar Quality System Standards in the majority of Rigmar branches;
  • Validating the effectiveness of the company’s Quality Management System through both internal and external audit processes recognized by international standards;
  • Continuing to build quality capability through structured programs that develop technical qualifications, increase awareness, and manage risk in order to achieve improving levels of excellence;
  • Setting annual quality goals to ensure continuous improvement and measure performance against the global Rigmar system;
  • Being committed to communicating the company’s quality strategies to all Rigmar personnel who are directly involved.